In addition to the presentation of the digital storytelling project itself, each student is also expected to submit a brief final project report that describes work on the project. The report should address each of the following items:

1. Give a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) evaluation for each member of your group. I assign an individual as well as group grades for this project.

In this project we have all of our group was a very beautiful and helpful and have made all the video mastering and took a lot of time because I love painting and painters.

2. What was the main topic of your project?

Topic was about Pierre August Renoir

3. Why did you select this topic?

I chose this topic because this sketch artist I admire a lot. Because he had a sense of a very wonderful feeling to people. Plate and more like it is Madame Charpentier and her daughters in 1879

4. Please include a description of the images you took either with a digital camera and/or the images that you downloaded & modified with image editing software that were included in the final project.

Images found in PowerPoint

5. Describe the process you went through in completing the final project. This should include a list of all of the software programs you used, where the content for the project came from, what items in the project changed from the early stages of selecting the topic through completion, plus any other information that describes your work on the project.

I have used PowerPoint and use the program (clips) in the video making. Because our group like we used to be distinct PowerPoint.

6. Describe the major challenges you faced in creating this project and if and how you overcame them.

Is a very difficult challenges were not because I, while working on a project so that I can love him very perfected and submitted characteristically

7. Discuss the most significant things you learned from completing the final project.

I have learned a sense of responsibility and cooperation, and I learned a lot from this creative artist

8. Please add any other information you feel should be included in your report.
In the end, I hope that you liked the presentation


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