PM305 Assessment Guidance E15


  1. Please ensure you meet the assessment criteria in the brief:

Assessment criteria Pitch Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria   Maximum marks for each section
Research and analysis ·         Market research and screening activity at macro and micro level to identifying and qualifying market potential
Constructive analysis and application of international marketing strategies ·         Proposed and recommended international markets (minimum of 2)

·         Identified and justified selected market entry strategy to gain overseas distribution into selected market

·         Level of adaptation required and implications to the marketing mix due to differences in culture and consumer behaviour in selected market

·         Application of academic models must be evident




Format and referencing, Harvard referencing where relevant and appropriate.   Appropriate report format 10%
Total   100
















  1. Reading and referencing


You need to reference everything that is used that isn’t your own work e.g. models, frameworks etc.


Please ensure you use Harvard referencing, there is guidance on Blackboard and in the library.





  1. Report Structure and Content

Your report should have the following structure (text in italics is guidance on content):


1.0 Introduction (what’s the purpose of your report)

  • Situation analysis – Evaluation of the environment and individual markets (cross reference to audit in appendices, summarises key aspects of your analysis)


  • Summary of key issues (from SWOT which are they key things you think they need to address to grow)


  • Market selection process (discussion of markets of interest)


  • Recommended Markets and Market entry strategies (which 2 markets, why chosen markets, culture evaluation and market entry modes, why chosen entry mode(s))


  • Marketing Strategies (standardisation and adaptation)


  • What marketing mix do you recommend to deliver the recommended strategy? What elements of the mix will be standardised and adapted and why? How does this link to the culture and consumer behaviour of the market?


  • Summary


  • References and bibliography
  • Appendices (to include full marketing audit – as cross referenced within your situation


Audit must contain a minimum of full Macro and Micro analysis, Internal analysis, Market

screening/selection process.


Where you use further sub headings please still number e.g 7.0 Marketing Mix, 7.1 Product, 7.2 Promotion, 7.3 Price, 7.4 Place


No executive summary is required.




  1. Style

Your report should be written in business English, please do not personalise e.g. DO NOT WRITE –I recommend, in third person it would read: It has been recommended that…..
Please ensure your report is coherent coherent. That each section links i.e

What are the issues NEXT is facing from your analysis of their current situation? Which markets present opportunities and why based on market screening? Which 2 market do you recommend and why based on your analysis of the current situation? How will NEXT enter each of these markets? What will be the entry mode strategies? could the strategies present any challenges? How might these be overcome? What marketing mix do you recommend to deliver the recommended strategy? What elements of the mix will be standardised and adapted and why? How does this link to the culture and consumer behaviour of the market?



  1. Level Appropriate


This is a level 6 module and based on QAA requirements Level 6’s are awarded to students who have demonstrated:

  • a systematic understanding of key aspects of their field of study, including acquisition of coherent and detailed knowledge, at least some of which is at, or informed by, the forefront of defined aspects of a discipline
  • an ability to deploy accurately established techniques of analysis and enquiry within a discipline

conceptual understanding that enables the student:

  • to devise and sustain arguments, and/or to solve problems, using ideas and techniques, some of which are at the forefront of a discipline
  • to describe and comment upon particular aspects of current research, or equivalent advanced scholarship, in the discipline
  • an appreciation of the uncertainty, ambiguity and limits of knowledge
  • the ability to manage their own learning, and to make use of scholarly reviews and primary sources (for example, referenced research articles and/or original materials appropriate to the discipline).



  1. Word Count


Word count for the assessment is for the report itself. Contents page and appendices ae excluded from the word count.

Any writing in the report will be included in the word count. Diagrams and tables are also excluded.

Please ensure you remain within the word count. Anything over 10% beyond the word count will not be marked.


Classification Descriptors linked to Marking Scheme

Indicative Grade UK% marks Characteristics.
Distinction 70%+ Very high standard of critical analysis using appropriate conceptual frameworks.

Excellent understanding and exposition of relevant issues.

Clearly structured and logically developed arguments.

Good awareness of nuances and complexities.

Clear evidence of independent study.

Excellent evaluation and synthesis of material.

Highly relevant data and examples

Merit 69-60% High standard of critical analysis using appropriate conceptual frameworks.

Clear awareness and exposition of relevant issues.

Clearly structured and logically developed argument.

Awareness of nuances and complexities.

Some evidence of independent study.

Good evaluation and synthesis of material.

Relevant data and examples.

Pass 59-50% Uses appropriate conceptual frameworks.

Attempts analysis but includes some errors and/or omissions.

Shows awareness of issues but no more than to be expected from attendance at classes.

Arguments reasonably clear but underdeveloped.

Insufficient evidence of independent study.

Insufficient evaluation of material.

Some good use of relevant data and examples.

Pass 49-40% Adequate understanding of appropriate conceptual frameworks.

Answer too descriptive and or any attempt at analysis is superficial containing errors and omission.

Shows limited awareness of issues but also some confusion.

Arguments not particularly clear.

Limited evidence of independent research and reliance on a superficial repetition of class notes.

Relatively superficial use of relevant data and examples.

  PASS MARK=40%  
E 39-30% Weak understanding of appropriate conceptual frameworks. Weak analysis and several errors and omissions.

Establishes a few relevant points but superficial and confused exposition of issues.

No evidence of independent study and poor understanding of class notes or no use of relevant data and examples.




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