A 2000 words essay in APA format on Assessment & Treatment of Psychological Disorders

A 2000 words essay in APA format on Assessment & Treatment of Psychological Disorders

"You are seeing a 50 years old male who is recently divorced.
In the first session, he reports that he is not performing well neither at his workplace and he is feeling "low" due to his immediate supervisor gave him a piece of job-related negative feedback. He has been holding a lot of resentment towards his supervisor ever since.
He has also noticed sleep disorder throughout the night, not showered a whole week and has difficulty eating. At work, he gets anxious easily and has lost his confidence.
At times, he experiences breathlessness and an impending sense of doom. He discussed a sense of hopelessness and is ready for "things to be over" since every little things feels dreadful.
He has stopped talking to his children and has left them to the care of his ex-wife.
Next week, he plans to meet with a lawyer to discuss his will…
Discuss how you would structure your initial counseling assessment. Please describe your assessment and highlight your assessment priorities.
What counseling approaches and interventions would you use with this client?"

Please include the following:
– Presenting Issues
– Case Conceptualization
– Case Management
– Conclusion

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