A class project: Developing Sustainability lab

A word document to Give very detailed information to the lab. Technician to buy and fabricate the equipment and prepare the lab. This includes the costs, the amounts to be bought and addresses from where to buy these things. For him/her to fabricate something you need to provide diagrams and instructions as needed. Start with a brief description of what the lab is all about.


The objective of this laboratory is to find out how to measure the PV efficiency of a solar lamp and to compare 3 different types of lamps in the process. Students need to Identify and obtain the following equipment, accessories, tools and materials that will be used to conduct this lab by selecting 3 different solar panel lamps and comparing their results.


The apparatus needed to perform this laboratory experiment per group are:

  • 15 inch ruler
  • 3 Solar lamps
  • Scientific Calculator


Taken that our class will range of 30 students

Then we will need 10 of each of these apparatus listed above.


You could order


The 15’ ruler from ebay through this distributer




for $1.91 each which totals up to $19.1


The Solar Lamps from ebay through these 3 distributers




for $2 each which totals up to $20





for $0.99 each which totals up to $9.9




for $1.25 each which totals up to $12.5




The Scientific calculator from this distributer




for $1.99 each which totals up to $19.9


That totals up to

$19.99 + $20 +$ 9.9 + $12.5 + $19.9

= $82.3


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