write a paper that describes the use of linear programming into the commissioning of solar power with battery power and conventional power taking Saudi Arabia as an example.
Title: A LINEAR PROGRAMMING APPROACH TO OPTIMIZE Scheduling of solar power IN SMART GRIDS in Saudi Arabia.
1- introduction (solar power, why Saudi Arabia, etc)
2- smart grids concept, importance and components
3- optimization techniques used in optimization of the smart grid (literature review + focus mostly on linear programming method)
4- Linear programming (background and concept)
5- application of linear programming onto the problem (optimization of solar power commissioning) similar paper will be attached for reference. in this section you need to determine the mathematical model, meaning to identify variables, objective function, constraint inequations etc… (for simplicity use 5 time intervals of 3hrs each from 6am to 9pm
6- identify some of the problem Given (i.e battery max charge, min charge, solar power availability, demand, etc…) make sure you use Saudi Arabia as a reference for your assumptions when possible.
7- Solve the linear programming model using LINDO, LINGO, or Excel.
8- analysis and conclusionsp(10)

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