A New Brand World

Read Chapter 3 in A New Brand World, and answer the following questions, using online text:
1. What is “Brand Rule #3?”

2. What are the things that Starbucks needed to consider before entering an agreement with United Airlines?

3. How does/can growth and expansion impact a brand?

4. “Whenever a company attempts to broaden it’s brand – for increased profits, what do they need to be diligent at assessing? Why is this important?

5. What were the three basic concerns that Starbucks needed to address before they reached a deal with United Airlines? Why was it important to address these things?

6. What are the six methods for “Building Intelligent Brandwidth”? And briefly explain each?

7. What is the “Spandex Rule of Branding”?

8. What are the “Three Things to Avoid” when growing your brand? And what is meant by each?

9. Why did Nike succeed in displacing L.A. Gear and unsetting Reebok?

10. What could happen if you move a brand in the wrong direction — or too many directions?


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