A Survey of Security Attacks in Information-Centric Networking

Task Description:



Describe the content – to demonstrate your understanding of the work and your ability to summarise, paraphrase, quote from sources. Critically Evaluate the paper – explain what works well and why.
Discuss limitations in terms of methods used and limits to scope.
Describe alternative approaches that demonstrate your knowledge of research methods and professional issues.
You must consider professional and ethical issues that arise.


Suggest further work that might be undertaken in light of the information presented in the paper – this should include open research questions and plans for addressing them that identify appropriate methods and discuss any difficulties, issues and limitations.


provide a full list of the References used to inform your work and the Search Strategy utilised to identify these sources – to show that you can use the literature

effectively and make reference to it systematically.
Must make reference to at least 3 relevant academic papers that inform your views in addition to the one that is the focus of your summary & critique.




Submission Details:


  • A summary of the paper demonstrating your understanding of the work
    maximum length – 2 pages;


  • a critique of the paper in which you evaluate – identifying good practice and limitations and suggesting alternative approaches with justification in each case
    maximum length – 2 pages;


  • a suggestion of further work that might be undertaken
    maximum length – 1 page;


4.a list of the most relevant references used to inform your work listed in Harvard format or a similar style along with a description of your strategy for literature search
maximum length – 1 page.



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