Abstract assignment 2

Choose an article to write up and submit in abstract form. You are also encouraged to adopt the process of writing abstracts


These abstracts should be 1—2 pages total (typed and double-spaced), regardless of the length of the reading. However, only the first 1—2 paragraphs will a conventional abstract; the rest will be critical reflection. For the abstract portion, you should summarize the major points of the reading, and then provide your own critical analysis of the article’s major points or claims. Note that being critical does not require you to be negative about the author or article, but is about taking a questioning stance.

For the abstract portion, you will be assessed on
• how well you pull out the main ideas of each reading, • how clearly you present each idea in your writing

Critical analysis might include some of the following:
• your thoughts on possible applications of the article;
• questions you have about the author’s/authors’ chosen approach to their topic; • connections you see to other course materials;
• gaps between what the author(s) set out to do and what the article delivers;
• oversights in the author’s/authors’ analysis;
• possible other directions for the author’s/authors’ ideas.

Please include specific citations in your abstracts, though for course readings, you only need to provide the author’s/authors’ last names and page number in brackets. Though it is not necessary to draw on non-course materials for this assignment, if you do mention other articles, provide complete reference information. No cover page is required, but please put your name and student number, as well as the name of the author(s) and article you are abstracting, at the top of the page.


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