Abstract for your Oral Presentation

The abstract creation is per individual (each student submits one). You will communicate the research project in writing, an abstract. It is due at the time of the presentation (submitted electronically by 8am, via BlackBoard). You might create it in Microsoft Word. The abstract is a summary of your scientific research, it should follow the format:

1. Title page – should be a descriptive title of the project, and author name.

2. Assignment page – should be typed, 12 pt. font in Arial or Times New Roman with 1” margins

A. Abstract – should be 300 words in length (minimum, and max of 600), and include the following components:

i. Overview of background research, enough to introduce the topic and purpose of the project

ii. Research question and hypothesis

iii. Brief overview of the methods used in the experiment

iv. Highlight of the important results and findings

v. The major overall conclusions of the research (data analyses or charts, what you observed).

vi. Paragraph discussing the broader impacts and applications of the research findings, and a paragraph discussing the student’s personal contribution to the group project

B. References – minimum of 3 valid sources of information in a peer reviewed journal format.


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