Accounting scandal occurred

make a written report OF ”AIG , accounting Scandal ” by highlighting the below areas ;

1. The accounting misconduct (using complex accounting methods, misappropriation of funds, over/under stating accounting figures etc.)

2. The various consequences of the selected accounting scandal
3. The auditor’s involvement (if any) and the auditor’s responsibility on such scandals.
4. How the auditing profession could prevent as well as safeguard itself from such scandals.


1st – Exceptional (90% and above)

 Very thorough research from a number of sources, including books, journals, the Internet and personal interviews. Very well-constructed, professional quality work producing high quality, meaningful outcomes that have real-world application.
 An exceptional exploration of the topics with excellent integration of a wide range of material.
 A very high level of insightful critical thinking and sophisticated argument.
 Well written to a professional standard of presentation, showing extensive knowledge in the relevant areas.

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