Achieving Sustainable Business Excellence Through the Balanced Scorecard

Respond to the question below with reference to an industry sector of your choice (appropriate to your programme of study).

Research Question:

With reference to academic research, critically assess the evidence that the Balanced Scorecard, as a management approach can play a valuable role in helping organisations in the sector you are studying to achieve sustainable business excellence.


(1) Word count should be commensurate with the weighting attributed to each section (the standard format for formal reports applies; at an elementary level the report should encompass an executive summary, contents page, introduction, main body, conclusions and a recommendations sections if appropriate).

(2) You should undertake a keyword academic literature search for research on the application of the approach within the sector you are studying.

(3) You should not spend too much time describing frameworks or theories you choose to use. While you must be explicit about those you are using, and must cite them appropriately, you can assume that your marker is familiar with them.
What the marker is looking for is evidence of your ability to apply theory and learn from it. Measures / activities should be linked to tools with examples of application evident

(4) In order to critically assess, you should critically reflect on any weaknesses in the evidence reviewed, identify any research gaps, and consider the challenges as well as the benefits of deploying the management approach in the sector you are discussing in terms of contributing to the achievement of sustainable and ethical business excellence .

(5) Conclusions: should summarise evidence presented in both sections. Recommendations should provide advice to organisations in the sector as to how best they can successfully implement the approach to achieve the benefits and avoid any implementation challenges.
Word limit: 2,500 words (excluding executive summary, end reference list and appendices)

Marking Criteria:
Depth and breadth of conceptual understanding and use of relevant academic literature/ journal articles [40%]
Level of critical analysis [40%]
Clear and logical conclusions and recommendations [10%]
Presentation (including executive summary, contents page, structure, citation and referencing) [10%].

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