Addressing Safety Concerns Associated With Handling and Safety of Engineered Nanomaterials

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You are an industrial hygienist for a major pharmaceutical company. The CEO has contacted you regarding a new product line that will be produced in your facility. The new product involves the handling and use of an engineered nanomaterial. To date, your company’s health and safety program has not had to address any safety concerns associated with handling and use of these materials. Using the Centers for Disease Control document in the Unit VIII Required Reading section as your authoritative source, prepare a three- to five-page “white paper” that provides an overview of engineered materials and includes a discussion of the following:
• background and industry overview of engineered nanomaterials,
• exposure control strategies,
• nanotechnology processes and engineering controls,
• hazard control evaluations,
• health hazards associated with exposures, and
• conclusions and recommendations.
As you prepare your paper, keep in mind that this should be a high-level overview that is understandable to all employees in the organization: from upper management to production workers.
The paper has to have intext citations please.
You need to use this as one of the sources: Haight, J. M. (2012). Recognition, evaluation, and control of workplace health hazards. Des Plaines, IL: American Society of Safety Engineers.
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