Advanced Requirement Engineering and Software Architecture

You are required to
Task 1: Requirement specification (30%)
 Understand the requirements, define the stakeholders of the system and present their functional and non-functional requirements.
 Construct you own requirement specification template for the project.
 Write down all use cases specifications for the stakeholders (actors) based upon their functional and non-functional requirements.
Deliverables: Include the requirement specification document in your final report.
Task 2: Architecture Design (30%)
The Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework is chosen to build the system architecture. Based upon the functional and non-functional requirements, please
 justify why MVC architecture is suited to the problem by comparing with other system architectures,
 present your MVC-based architecture design,
 evaluate and discuss your architecture design.
 Include your review, architecture design and critical analysis in your final report.
Task 3: Refinement and Traceability (40%)
 Use normal step-wise refinement to derive class diagram(s) based on the use cases and system architecture.
 Show a traceability analysis of all your use case models and classes. Your analysis has to be in both directions (use case to class diagram and class to use case diagram).
 A section in your final report containing analysis, design and discussion


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