African art museum

******Please note there should be attachment of pictures from the St. Petersburg Art Museum. The pictures are numbered for the following reasons: before the picture of an object or picture on display there is a picture of the description of object. For example, picture number 2 and 3, is that description information for the object in picture 4. 2nd example, picture number 5 and 6 the description information for objects in pictures 7 and 8.****
The museum current view themes are: 
1. Carrier Schneider;Reading Women : Picture#43-48 are from this theme
2. Marks Made : Prints by American Women Artists from the 1960�s to the present: Pictures# 68-79 are from this theme.
Museum Visit Essay
For this assignment, students are required to visit one of the approved museums and look at their collections of African Art. To prepare for the visit, students should first review �African Art: Aesthetic and Meaning� (accessible here: Proof of the museum visit (receipt, ticket stub, etc.) should be submitted with papers, failure to attach proof of visit will result in the deduction of one letter grade (10 points) from the paper grade. Papers should be a minimum of 600 words and include some combination of the following:
� What types of objects are on display in the African galleries? How is this similar to or different from the types of objects on display in the Western Art galleries? Do you notice any difference in techniques of display? What benefits/limitations do we find looking at African Art in a museum? How does the museum negotiate the slippery notions of art versus ethnography?
� As discussed in �African Art: Aesthetic and Meaning,� many African languages equate good with the beautiful and the moral with the aesthetic. So you rarely see deformed or unattractive figures because they are associated with evil. Examine one or two figures using the eight criteria described in �African Art�. Can you locate these values in that object?
� Select one of the aesthetic criteria or element outlined in �African Art: Aesthetic and Meaning�. From a Western perspective, in what context might you normally consider this idea? Briefly describe the context and what meaning you and your culture attach to this idea. Now select an African art object, how is this element recontextualized in this object? What cultural values might we interpret based on this recontextualization? 
� Overall, how would you characterize this collection of African Art and your visit? Would you recommend this collection to others?
Paper SpecificationsPapers should be a minimum of 600 words long and exceed no more than 1000 words (2-3 pages). Use 11.5 or 12-point font, preferably Times. Double space your text and use 1� margins. Number each page starting on page 2, please see its website: DO NOT CITE


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