Air masses and Ocean Currents and their role in climate

Standard comparative essay with an intro and conclusion. Intro must have some sort of hook and clearly introduce the topic. Definitions of air masses and ocean currents must be in the introduction. 
Topic is Air masses and Ocean Currents and their role in climate. 3 Clear points in 3 different body paragraphs comparing air masses and ocean currents and their role in climate. Please be very detailed. Fronts, Hadley, polar, ferrell cells, coriolis effect, el nino and la nina, global winds (all of them and where they are), jet streams etc must all be mentioned, as well as MANY specific examples to support argument. Analogies and quotes must be used. Variety of sources can be used but minimum of 5 scholarly sources must be referenced. Each body paragraph must somehow introduce the next topic. Please be mindful of grammatical errors and cite ALL sources. Canadian spelling. Compare and contrast air masses and ocean currents within each body.


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