Allstate Insurance Company Industry Analysis

This assignment is the comprehensive exam for the MBA Program. In the analysis project, you are to work independently to analyze a company to which you will be assigned. You will research the organization and industry using publications, annual reports, and internet sources. (CAUTION: do not over use internet sources.) Then you will prepare a strategic analysis similar to what you did in the other cases. Wikipedia is not a legitimate source.
Each student will be assigned a company to research for the Comprehensive Written Project during the second week of class.
After the company is assigned, students should gather information about the company and begin preparing to write a case analysis. The case analysis must include at least three years of financial analysis including the present year or most current financial data published. Industry averages must also be included for the most current year analyzed. It should examine the company’s strategic position and that of its competitors; to conduct a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats); to identify key success factors and driving forces; and to make recommendations about the strategic actions that the company should take in the future. The analysis will be graded based upon the Guidelines for Case Analysis. Other factors in assigning a grade will include how well the analysis is written and how interesting the submission.
In writing up the case analysis, you must use APA style guidelines (12pt Times New Roman Font). Use of adequate citations and references are particularly important. If you get an idea or piece of information from a particular source, you must give a citation and reference for that source; even if you paraphrase the information (put it into your own words). If you use exact words from a source (4 or more words in a row), you must use quotation marks and provide the source information. The length of your case should be at least 50 pages double spaced with one inch margins (not counting charts, pictures, graphs, etc). If you have questions about the CWP, get in touch with your instructor


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