Amsacrine Cancer Drug

In addition to the previous requirements concerning the essay requirements, here are some additional helpful pointers.
Aim: To justify the prescription of the drug in question. 
You will need to take into account the drugs’ chemical, pharmaceutical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical characteristics


70% relevant scientific content relating to the drug being discussed
The structure of the drug

The disease it targets 

Its molecular target
Its mechanism of action

Its pharmacokinetics incl. ADME

Its pathophysiology (side effects) 

In doing so, elicit the rationale for their prescription.
10% choice of suitable references; clear citation of references using Vancouver Style

10% quality and consistency of presentation including spelling and grammar

10 % a logical and coherent presentation of the information which makes sense to an independent reader.

Colloquialisms not appropriate, you know.
Does the student apply KNOWLEDGE of drug (ADME, MOA, side effects) to the rationales for prescribing?
Can you deduce side effects from the MOA?
Can you deduce MOA from ADME?

Helpful feedback suggestions
Having read the essays, I would suggest that you write the essay using the following subheadings, or similar:
Background, disease, structure of the drug, molecular target, pharmacokinetics, pathophysiology, conclusion.

Make sure that there is a thread running throughout that explains the justification of the prescription.
Are there enough original journals cited, what did the work show? Describe this within the text. Recent work is relevant, but seminal work may be older. It is acceptable to quote these.
Essay requirements
2 pages (not including references), 11 point, Vancouver referencing style.


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