Amy Cuddy: Body language shapes who you are

Amy Cuddy: Body language shapes who you are
Paper instructions:
watch the video ‘Amy Cuddy: Body language shapes who you are” at the , and write down an essay.
Basic questions and ideas to consider while watching EACH speech:
•Any basic observations – Did it appeal to you? Was there something that the speaker did that you really liked or that really bothered you?
•What is the goal of the speech? Who is the intended audience and how does the speech relate to them?
•The context and content of the speech
•The ideas on the Effective Communication handout, such as: ?How is the information organized?
?Was the language accessible?
?What was your opinion of the delivery?
?What parts of the presenter’s presentation skills would you like to integrate into your own style?
Write a 2 to 2 ½ page critique of the speech. In addition to the items above, consider the key messages of the speech. Feel free to do your own research (internet search, check Ted website for a bio, etc.) to get more information about the speaker to fill in more about the context of the speaker’s presentation.


Please use this basic format for each assignment.


Introduction/Set up

Introduce purpose and topic of the speech.

Highlight your main points (in general what will you focus on in this critique?)


50 percent context/Form/Nonverbal

50 percent content/Substance/Verbal

(Ideas for how to discuss these topics:
1.One paragraph on content, one paragraph on context
2.Breakdown the speaker’s main points, and discuss content and content for each
3.Chronologically: discuss each important part as the speaker discussed it )

Close/Sum-up and Opinion

Re-emphasize your points, offer if you liked this presentation, add what you would like to include in your own speech from this presenter’s delivery/organization/etc.

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