An Evaluation into the efficacy of Continuous Vancomycin infusion in neonates

The request is a project proposal.The essay involves a clinical audit and collecting retrospective data of 50 babies receiving vancomycin infusion.
Trough levels are monitored pre 3rd doe and dose adjusted accordingly. The essay looks into the compliance of the clinical guideline.
Statistical analysis tools should be incorporated.
For eg.1. babies term (n) and preterm (n)
Is it nominal/odds interval ratio
2.Received loading dose followed by infusion.
3.trough levels therapeutic (Y/N)
4. If trough levels sub therapeutic then increase dose by 10%/20%
What sort of test is appropriate for the data
5. LITERATURE REVIEW with Prisma tool
6. Discussion
Topics to be covered are Aim, Objectives, Data Collection, Lit. Review, Discussion ,Analysis (will be done by myself using SPSS software).


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