An Experiential Case Study in IT Project Management Planning

An Experiential Case Study in IT Project
Management Planning

Risk Matrix
Website icon Risk Matrix Scoring Guide.
Microsoft Word icon Risk Matrix Template.
In this assignment, you develop a risk matrix for your course project. Follow these instructions:

Develop a risk matrix that includes the:
Identified risks.
Severity of the risks.
Mitigating factors to minimize the risks.
Use the Risk Matrix Template to guide your work.
Refer to the Risk Matrix Scoring Guide to learn how the instructor will evaluate your risk matrix.
Submit your risk matrix in the assignment area.
After implementing the instructor’s feedback, as appropriate, you will include your matrix in the final submission of your Project Plan, as indicated in the course project description.

Risk Management Roles
scoring guide icon Discussion and Participation Scoring Guide.
Follow these steps to participate in this discussion:

Discuss the Project Manager’s role in managing risk.
Hypothesize if a certain expertise is required to adequately identify and assess project risks. For example:
When managing new product development, should the Project Manager have previous experience in this area?
How does the collective team play a role in identifying and managing risk?


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