An Industrial relations issue, its source and how to deal with this

An Industrial relations issue, its source and how to deal with this


Subject objectives:
Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:
explain the nature of contemporary Australian industrial relations, the forces giving rise to the current structures and processes, and how these relate to government and organisational policies
1.explain and critically evaluate the various methods available in the Australian context for handling industrial relations conflicts and setting employment conditions, rights and obligations
2.examine the nature of the industrial relations strategic planning process, the situational factors
3.impacting on its key considerations and the implications of various industrial relations outcomes.

Report (Individual)

Objective(s): This addresses Subject Learning Objectives 1 and 3

Task: An Industrial relations issue, its source and how to deal with this.
Students are required to write a report analysing a specific industrial relations issue relevant to a
particular industry, enterprise,occupational group or even an individual. The issue must be relevant in 2013. Examples include industrial disputes, grievances, termination of employment, enterprise bargaining, dealing with difficult people in the workplace.

The nature of the issue must be clearly outlined. Why it is an issue must be explained. Relevant
legal, social, economic or technological aspects to the issue must be examined. Methods or approaches for dealing with the issue must be outlined and assessed students are required to utilise relevant theory and literature to assist in their analysis.


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