Analysis Project Directions

In Media Studies 11, there are no tests, research papers, or required textbooks. Instead, we ask you to engage in something called “problem-based learning”—tackling real artifacts of popular culture rather than thinking about them in the abstract.

What is the Analysis Project?

These are “real” examples based on our units; for example, the Television unit includes television clips (viewed via YouTube).

Why are we asking you to do this?

As noted above, we are asking you to engage in problem-based learning. First developed in medical schools as a more effective way of training doctors, problem-based learning has proven to be an effective learning model. Furthermore, we suspect that looking at aspects of popular culture (e.g. advertisements, TV segments, etc.) will be far more interesting and instructive than writing about them in the abstract.

What do I need to do?

In the Modules section, each of the three projects has a set of options. After choosing one of the project options, please analyze that artifact using the following parameters:

Your analysis should be at least 1000 words (analyses of fewer than 600 words will not be graded, i.e., it will receive a zero).
Your analysis should combine information gained from the readings (and lectures)—in the form of a cited quotation–with your own thoughts and insights. Please underline your article quotation. The quotation should be relevant to the point you are making in your analysis.
We have provided prompts to as a way of getting started with your analysis, but we encourage you to explore your own ideas as well. Remember, however, that we looking for analytical thinking, so in order to receive credit, please do not simply describe what you have watched. If your work is not an analysis of one of the assigned labs- if it is a general essay, analyzes an article, etc.- it will not be graded (i.e., it will receive a zero).


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