Analyzing Stewart Holbrook as a Secondary Source

Based on the Holbrook readings you have done so far, analyze Holbrook’s stories as historical narratives. For example, how would you characterize his version of events? What kind of approach, or what kind of “flavor” did he bring to descriptions of the past?

Some places to look for clues for this assignment:

1. Skim the Introduction written by Brian Booth. Here you may get some insight into Holbrook’s biographical background, his political viewpoint, and his writing career.

2. Look for places where Holbrook talks about history or folklore as subjects. These are places where you may get some clues to the ways that Holbrook approaches his stories. For example, take a closer look at the end of the “Disaster in June” piece, where he describes the conflicting stories about a stopped clock. Here he differentiates himself from other people covering the same events.

3. Look for places in his writing where he refers to his sources of information, because these sources will shape the information that he presents. For example, what might be the benefits and/or drawbacks of relying in interviews like he does for so many of his pieces?


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