Annotated Bibliography

For the research essay, you must complete an “Annotated Bibliography.” A bibliography consists of the sources that have informed your research. Sometimes these sources will be used directly in your essay, sometimes not. However, this doesn’t mean that everything that you have researched should go into the bibliography. Only those sources that directly inform your reseearch should. You should have at least 8 sources in your bibliography.

The first part of the biubliography will be your introduction. The introduction will serve as your research project statement. This statement should introduce the topic you are researching, the issue you are focusing on within this topic, a brief summary of the issue, what interests you about it, a thesis question, and a working thesis statement. Please address all of these apsects in the order presented.

The second part of the bilbliography will be the sources you have choses and their annotations.

The assignment will address:

1.) Your ability to distinguish strong sources from weak
2.) Your ability narrow down a topic so that you can distinguish between sources that inform your argument and those that don’t
3.) Your ability to remain objective when dealing with sources
4.) Your ability to summarize sources briefly in a 1 paragraph annotation

Some specifics

Length A 250-300 word introduction with at least 2-3 pages of annotations, Double Spaced, Times New Roman Font 12

Presentation A header and page numbers are required

Your name, course number, and date should be in the top left hand corner on the first page of the essay. Your last name and page number should appear in the right hand corner of the header.

Sources: The break down of sources that must be used is as followed: 2 actual books, 2 sources from academic peer reviewed journals (either from a database or in print), 2 viable web sources (meaning they should be from trusted sites), and 2 other sources (books, journal articles, websites, graphs, photo, pie charts, interviews, documentaries etc.).

Style Format MLAp(3)

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