Answer two of the following essay questions

Answer two (2) of the following essay questions, using only your class notes and the primary texts. Of course, I encourage you to discuss the material with your classmates, as long as you do so in a mutually-beneficial way, and are not merely copying each other. Please do not use the internet (unless that is your means of accessing the primary texts) or any secondary sources. Do not simply rewrite your class notes, but rather demonstrate in your answers that you have read, understood, and thought about the material.

2. Fanon seems to advocate violence. Does he? Explain his views on the relationship between colonization, decolonization and violence. Why is the experience of the colonized significant?

3. Explain the historical transition discussed by Foucault—from sovereign power to disciplinary power (and bio-power)? How do these new types of power function?

i’m looking for thorough, coherent answers that demonstrate reflection on the assignments. As a general goal, aim for at least two double-spaced, typed (size-12, Times New Roman font) pages for each question. This does not include any quotations from the texts, which you may use if they are short and cited correctly (using either Chicago, MLA, or APA style).


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