Apple case study

Apple case study

Analysis on the case of APPLE company

Introduction (200)
Purpose of the report What does APPLE do? What is the background of the organisation? What industry does it operate in? What are its geographical markets? What products and services does it offer and what are the market segments? What are APPLE mission, vision and value? What generic strategy it is following? (cot leadership or differentiation?) Who are the key stakeholders

Part 1 – External analysis (500 words)
1.1 Macro-Environmental Analysis
Refer to PESTEL model (appendix?)
Discuss the main points
1.2 Industry Analysis
Refer to Porter’s Five Forces of Competition model (appendix?)
Discuss it and draw conclusions about the attractiveness of the industry analysed
1.3 Opportunities and Threats (Partial SWOT analysis)Derive them from 1.1 and 1.2

Part 2 – Internal analysis (500 words)
2.1 Analysis of Apple resources and competencies
Refer to Value Chain model (appendix?) – Discuss the main points
Refer to Threshold/distinctive resources and competencies framework
Refer to the VRIO framework
-Draw conclusions: which resources and competencies are really contributing towards APPLE sustainable competitive advantage?
2.2 Strengths and Weaknesses (Partial SWOT analysis)can also add some discussion about The Financial Performance of APPLE (using some financial ratios and statistics ..etc)

Part 3 – APPLE’s Issues and challenges (200 words)
Provide a summary of the issues from the external and internal analyses
Then highlight the issues and challenges that you believe APPLE now faces in order to remain competitive and continue to grow the business

Part 4 – The Selection of Strategic Options (400 words)
4.1 APPLE generic strategy
Refer to the Strategy Clock model (appendix?) and/or Porter’s Generic Strategies model (appendix?)
4.2 Strategic options
-After having identified the generic strategy that APPLE is following (in 4.1) say if, in your opinion, it is appropriate to continue with the same one
-Which are the 3/4 strategic options available to grow and develop the business further? To do this use Ansoff matrix and Tows Matrix models (appendix?)
4.3 Which are the resources needed to implement the strategy chosen?
Physical, Financial, Human, Intangible

Part 5– Conclusions (200)
Provide Your strategic solutions for the company’s ongoing health. What problems will APPLE have in trying to sustain a competitive advantage over its rivals?

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