Applied & Academic English Lower Advanced- Portfolio

Applied & Academic English Lower Advanced- Portfolio
Task 1.

practise the skills you have learnt over the
course of the unit.demonstrate grammatically
correct academic English, an appropriate structure, synthesis of various sources
which are accurately referenced, and evidence of critical analysis.

Compare and contrast (choose one topic from the list a-j below) in the UK with
the situation in Saudi Arabia.

a. Business/work culture
c. The role of sport in society
d. IT literacy – the digital divide
e. The impact of social medial (e.g. Facebook & Twitter) on society
g. Employment opportunities for graduates
h. Crime & punishment
j. The impact of the motor car on society
k. Higher education
l. Consumerism
m. Attitudes towards the elderly
n. The role of women in society
p. Awareness of environmental issues (e.g. global warming & recycling)


Task 2. Critical commentary
For this element you need to comment on your academic progress in the past year
at university. Explain:

1. which course you are enrolled on and which units you have completed.
Business Management.
2. which units you found least/most challenging and why?
3. what progress you have made academically and where you still need to
make progress.
4. what academic goals you have for the future.
To build my own organization..



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