Are Financial Market Efficient or Inefficient?

Discussion 1: Are Financial Markets Efficient or Inefficient? Please limit your discussions to two pages (double space)

In the first discussion, you will examine the efficiency of financial markets. Shleifer (2000) states “an average investorwhether an individual, a pension fund, or a mutual fundcannot hope to consistently beat the market, and the vast resources that such investors dedicate to analyzing, picking, and trading securities are wasted” (p. 1).

If this is the case, do you think the financial market knows best?

Are the market prices fair? Why?

What forces prevent them from becoming unfair (i.e., overpriced or underpriced?)

Further, as a financial manager, you will need to consider the many variables that play into the financial decision-making process. What specific factors do you need to consider as you think about the efficiency of financial markets?


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