Reading Assignments: Read the book “The Photograph as Contemporary Art” by Charlotte Cotton. Chapter 2 & Chapter 5
Write a response follow by QCQ format:
Q (Quote): Provide a quote from the reading that intrigued, confused or provoked you.
C (Comment): Make a comment about the quote. Express what about the quote caught your attention. Try to explain what you think the writer is trying to convey in the quote the selected. Make a personal connection to the quote – tell me why YOU chose it. How do you think the ideas apply or don’t apply to YOUR photographic practice. You should write at least a full paragraph here.
Question: Think of a question the reading or your comment provoked and be prepared to share and discuss it with the class. **You need to do a separate QCQ for chapter 1 and 4 (but not for the introduction).
Please write two QCQ for chapter2 and chapter5 separately
Because the PDF file of “The Photograph as Contemporary Art” is too big for upload, there is the link for free download the book. and I will upload the QCQ format in additional materials


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