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Journal: Is the journal peer reviewed. How impactful is the journal




Author(s): Do the authors have a track record of research in this field. Cite (using Harvard referencing, two examples of previous publications by the corresponding author)






Article: How is the article presented. List the sections and briefly describe their function. Is there information regarding the research funding in the article. Who is the corresponding author. Why do you think the named person is the corresponding author.










The jargon: List and briefly explain the key concepts/ theories/ principles/terms /techniques/methodologies included in the article. How are the results presented.









Summary (in your own words) of the main points/ arguments covered in this article.










Experimental design – Are the main aims and objectives of the work clear and if so identify what they. Comment on the experimental design. What sample sizes (replicate samples / respondents) are used. Identify what the controls are. What are the techniques used to obtain the data. Are they standard techniques or does the work involve method development. Do the authors comment on the validity of their data collection methods.










Results and discussion – How are the results presented. What kind (if any) of statistical analysis is applied. Comment on the statistical findings. From the discussion, are the findings of the paper in agreement with those from other paper. Does the discussion indicate how novel the findings are?










Main strengths of this article














Main weaknesses of this article






Referencing: What system is used, does it conform with the journal guidelines, in which sections are references cited, and which section contains the most citation. How current are the references. Are the researchers own papers cited.








Rate this article out of 10 for being (and briefly why)

Interesting                                                                                                          /10

Useful/ informative for your skill area                                                    /10

Clearly written                                                                                                  /10

Relevant to your skill area                                                                            /10

Unbiased/ objective                                                                                       /10



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