Asian-American or Latino-American stereotype.


For your first essay (2-3 pages), you will explore the history of a racial stereotype and how it has transformed into its current manifestation. In order to do this, you will need to compare and contrast at least one old(er) film that depicts the stereotype with at least one contemporary film that depicts the stereotype in whatever form it takes today. You will need to quote from at least one outside and academic source (i.e. a scholarly journal article found in the library databases, a book about racial depictions in cinema written by an academic, etc.) for this paper, although you are free to use more sources. For this particular assignment, you do not need to choose any of the stereotypes that we have discussed or will discuss in class; in fact, I encourage you to explore an Asian-American or Latino-American stereotype.

Essay One is due on midnight Tuesday, February 23rd in the digital dropbox on Blackboard.

Suggestions for topics:

The Mammy
The Coon
The Bandito
The Latino/Hispanic Maid
The Drunk Indian
The Jezebel
The Sapphire
The Pickaninny
The Loyal Sidekick Indian
The Black Buck/Brute
Fu Manchu
The Dragon Lady
The Urban Coon
Charlie Chan
China Doll stereotype
Indian Princess
Noble Savage
The Shaman
The Latin Lover


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