Assessing Company Performance

A Group Assignment on Assessing Company Performance (30 %) – A 600 word essay using the Harvard format for referencing

Form a group of 5. Appoint a group leader. The group leader will act as the financial manager for your company and your role and your group’s role is to recommend one of the 3 companies that have been shortlisted (Refer to the available names of companies under List A to C in eLearn) to the Board of Directors for investment into marketable securities (as part of the working capital management strategy in managing cash surplus and cash deficit). When your group has researched individual stocks for investing, the group has to look beyond the basics like share price, number or shares, and market capitalization to make a decision.

When investing in individual stocks, there are a lot of information to consider in exercising your due diligence. Applying the financial ratios can help you better understand the companies your group is looking at and how it compares to its peer group. Use the Excel template that is provided to capture all vital information on all 3 companies and then, explain your findings based on the analysis, on the readings done on the companies and justify why your group had finally selected the particular company stock to invest in.


  1. Inter-firm Comparisons:Compare the performance of one firm with the other 2 firms. Comment
  2. Intra-firm Comparisons:Compare the performance of the firm with previous year’s performance. Comment.
Rubrics For Assignment Marks
Introduction –Company Profiles 15
Stock Movement Chart 15
Company Performance Analysis –Comparison From Year To Year 15
Company Performance Analysis –Comparison From Company To Company 15
Conclusion 5
Recommendation 10
Oral Presentation –Stock Price Movement Chart, Excel Spreadsheet, Turnitin Report, Ratio Analysis workings etc. Printout of presentation to be attached as appendices 25
Total Marks 100


Assignment updates:                  
Track a more updated sets of data. 2005 – 2014 to make the final decision because stock volatility might change after the crisis.
* Handpick 5 ratios from the ratios that has been highlighted in bold in the assignment template

and comment accordingly pertaining to its significance and impact caused by the 2008 crisis



(Appendix 2) : Use the Excel worksheet template (retrieve the softcopy from eLearn) to source data and work on arriving at the following information for your decision making:

Appendix 3) Group leaders are required to submit their assignment into Turnitin and enclose the Turnitin’s Originality Report as an Appendix 3 attached together with their assignment.

(Appendix 4) – the explanantion and workings of ratio analysis based on the 6 shortlisted ratios

  • Earnings Per Share
  • Dividend Per share
  • P/E ratio
  • Dividend yield
  • Price/Book ratio
  • EBIT growth
  • Return on Equity = Net income / equity



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