Assessment 2 – Data Capture Activity;

Assessment 2 – Data Capture Activity;

You are the Health Information Manager at a 300 bed hospital (Curtin Hospital). Curtin Hospital have decided to commence scanning of forms as opposed to a paper based medical record. The Chief Executive Officer- Amanda See Toh, has requested a report on considerations relating to the scanned record. She wishes to know how the scanned record will be managed and the standards or legislation that are required to be followed.
In the report you will need to address:
•    Background information,
•    Discussion of the exsisting system,
•    Brief discussion of the current standard used to manage forms (AS2828.1- Paper-based Health Care Records),
•    Comparison of the standard related to the management of electronic data (AS2828.2-Digitised (scanned) health record requirements,
•    Consideration to how you will manage the transistion to a scanned form,
•    Any other requirements (i.e. protocol around inclusion of information on a form, demographics, bar-coding etc).
There is no word limit for this assessment, however the above points must be suffiently detailed to ensure that it is covered fully and succinctly.

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