Assessment and assessment Techniques

Assessment and assessment Techniques
You will be required to devise, plan and implement a formative assessment activity, which take into account the differing needs of interests of the children within your setting 3-5 year old)

You will write a rationale for your design demonstrating a systematic process of planning, implementation and evaluation of the task. Discuss in your rationale how you will use the results in creating teaching and learning strategies

Plan an activity where you can access differing developmental stages.

Need to include a plan which includes most of the following
• Focus of activity
• Location e,g. Indoors or outdoors
Curriculum area in realtion to Eyfs

Learning intentions
– focus children (information about levels in relation to eyfs

Resources used – adults and equipment

What is formative assessment and why is it important in early years

Why did you choose this activity plan? Was it because it related to children interests, previous observations you have done? Or children level of development the eyfs

What methods and approaches did you use?

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