Assessment Methodologies

The requirement.

1. Define all the methodologies in detail including the input and output data. The methodologies need not to be restricted to civil aviation.

3. All concepts (primary impact (direct/indirect) / secondary impact (induce) need to be clearly defined (with some examples as appropriate).

4. Review circular 292, the IATA studies and other related studies with focus on the methodologies used and prepare a comparative tables highlighting the pros and cons of each methodology.

useful link and info you need to use.
please find attached to this message the guidelines developed by ICAO for the assessment of the contribution of civil aviation to the economy. Also, you will find below links to various studies on this subject. In particular, you will notice that IATA commissioned in 2011, related studies for several countries.

Our objective is to conduct similar studies (with more up to date information) for one or more countries using the methods proposed by ICAO (that we can improve upon).

Useful links :


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