Assessment Questions from Job Application

-Please describe why you are interested in and suited to your business line selection(s), and how your skills, work experience & academic background demonstrate your enthusiasm to pursue a career in these areas?
– What are your expectations of the graduate programme and what do you hope to achieve?
-As part of the Graduate Programme you will work on different projects with different people across the business. You could be placed into a team with colleagues who have similar or very different opinions and views to you. What strengths do you think you have when it comes to working in a team?
-Please give details of your main extracurricular activities and interests, highlighting what skills & attributes they have developed?

If there is more words left in the word count limit, answer this question:
Please describe your responsibilities in this role, and how your experience is relevant to the position that you are applying for with AECOM. Think about how the skills you have gained will help you to be successful within your chosen business lines.


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