Assignment #3/ Survey

Please answer the following questions with regards to your (php enabled) web hosting

1. For this course, are you planning on using iSpace, or hosting other than iSpace?
2. If the latter,
(a) have you already purchased/obtained access to it?
(b) With whom?
(c) To the best of your knowledge, does it allow you shell access?
(d) To the best of your knowledge, does it have cPanel, Softaculous, or similar admin tools?

3. To the best of your ability, do the following to create an extremely simple php page
– Open a text editor and create a simple html page; introducing yourself.
– Somewhere in the body of the page, typ (i.e. between the body tags) type the following:



– Important: save the file with the suffix .php, not .html
– Upload the file to your host; knowing what you know about hosting, access the file through the web. Confirm that the “php” block is replaced with a ton of info about your hosts php.

(a) If this WORKED, please send me the url.
(b) If you couldn’t get this to work, please tell me where you stopped. Thanks!


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