Assignment, Other Subject

Assignment, Other Subject
Analyzing a Budget

Write two pages paper that addresses the following:
First please make sure to review the sample budget provided which is for a hypothetical maternal health program. ( I am attaching the budget sample on the instruction).
Please read the following two articles (this article can be found on line )
1.) Levi, J., Juliano, C., & Richardson, M. (2007) Financing public health: Diminished funding for core needs and state by state variation in support. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 13(2), 97-102.
2.) Sensining, A. (2007). Refining estimates of public spending as measured in national health expenditure account: The United States experience. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 13(2), 103-114.
Then answer the following:
What are the strengths and weaknesses of this budget?
Is there anything that surprises you about in this particular budget? Would you add o delete any items in that budget? or does it seem in line with your expectations of what a good budget for this kind of programs would be? Support your responses with references. (Include the two articles as part of the five references)


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