August Spies Autobiography (1886)

read August Spies Autobiography (1886). Your task is to explain and analyze the primary source’s major content and its relation to the major course themes discussed in the textbook. You will be evaluated based on demonstrating what you learned, your critical analysis, and your editing.

For each paper, your task is to summarize the primary source’s major content, critically analyze the source, and place the source into its broader historical context by relating your summary and analysis to the major course content discussed in the textbook chapter. You will be evaluated mainly on how well you complete these three tasks; proofreading, clarity, organization, and proper formatting and citations will also be taken into account.

The papers should be completed in Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and in a Word document. Use parenthetical citations to document your use of the primary source [ex. (Source)] and the textbook [ex. (Foner, 77)]. No Works Cited page is needed. Outside sources (ex. Wikipedia) are not permitted and will result in a 0 on that paper. Each paper should be 500-1000 words and submitted in the D2L DropBox.


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