Australia in the 'Asian Century' – Business Challenges, Globalization & Governance

Essay Question:The 21st century has been called the ‘Asian Century’. What business challenges does Australia face in relation to globalization and governance?

Chicago referencing. 8 references minimum, each paragraph must have at minimum 2 references. No webpages only academic material can be used. Must also include references –
Dicken, P. 2011. “Introduction: Questioning Globalization’.” In Global shift: Mapping the change contours of the world economy, (6th edition), edited by P. Dicken, 1-9. London: Sage.

Vltcheck, A. 2008. Wooing the Islands: China and Taiwan High Stakes Bid for Pacific Island Support.” Japan Focus.

Essay must include the following aspects:
– The emerge of China and India as global powers,
– ‘Asian Tigers’ influence in Australia
– How Australia’s proximity to Asia effects its trade and diplomatic relations
– Difficulty is different government systems interacting, Communist nations and Australia’s Democratic society (cultural discrepancy).

Please make a strong clear argument. I would rather have the essay make sense than have overly sophisticated wording.


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