Aviation Business and Marketing Management

The strategic development of airports has been radically transformed across the globe by the increasing privatisation (full or partial) of these vital facilities of the aviation system. Historically airports have been considered to be very passive in the context of raising revenue by commercial activities but the times have changed in the 21st century. Airports now increasingly have to understand their position in the market for air travel and to maximise their strengths and minimise their weaknesses in the process etc. 

For the task you have been write a marketing plan for an airport of your choice which will drive more aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue for the future (next 3 years) etc. 

1. View the Henry Stewart Talks – New Challenges in Airport Business by Ian Lowden from the library.
2. Select a regional / local airport in agreement with the Module Leader (please do not use a major or hub airport).
3. Review the air travel market using this airport by understanding the airlines using the airport. Ideally passenger numbers should be used to show passenger traffic. Basically, determine the current market situation for the airport by analysing the airline users of the airport. (10%)
4. Assess the local natural catchment area of the airport by suggesting the major town/cities that can / should provide passengers for the airport. (10%)
5. Determine the current success of the airport – is it getting its fair share of the air travellers from the surrounding area/region/ nationally? What are the major constraints for the airports growth / success? (10%)
6. Determine marketing objectives for the airport for the next 3 years (this will be linked to having completed a PESTEL and SWOT). Please put the PESTEL and SWOT in the appendix. No word limit as this is in the appendix. (10% plus 10% = 20%) PLEASE STATE THE MARKETING OBJECTIVES IN THE BODY OF THE TEXT (approx.100 words)
7. Highlight the marketing activity that you recommend to achieve the marketing objectives –
a) Aeronautical revenues (this would suggest ideas to market the airport to airlines which would include incentives to base aircraft at the airport) – 20%
b) Non-aeronautical revenues (this would suggest marketing activity aimed at encouraging new retail and property activity at the airport and encouraging passenger loyalty) – 20%

8. Conclude with a clear statement of what the airport must achieve over the next x3 years that will ensure that the airport achieves these objectives. (10%)


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