aviation & security

Essay (Assignment 3)
This essay is in lieu of a final examination so therefore no individual feedback or mark will be provided. The mark for this paper will be added to your other assignment marks and the School will release your course result in early to mid-December.
This paper is worth 50 marks and there are five parts to the question.
For each part of the question, illustrate your answer with security related examples taken from ICAO Annex 17, the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and/or the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005. Please do not use any CASA safety related examples or examples from other disciplines or industries.
There is no need for an introduction or background setting for this paper. When using examples from the legislation it is not necessary to quote the entire piece of regulation, just the applicable section(s) to support your argument/discussion.
The Security Regulatory Environment
Part 1 – What is a prescriptive regulatory regime? (500 words)
Part 2 – What is an outcomes based regulatory regime? (500 words)
Part 3 – How does threat and risk apply/interact for a prescriptive and outcomes based regulatory regime? (500 words)
Part 4 – Which regime would be preferred or suit industry and which would be preferred or suit the regulator? Why? (500 words)
Part 5 – Moving forward should one regime (prescriptive or outcomes based) be favoured/implemented? Would one, both or an alternative be better for a sustainable industry? Why? (750 words)
References and/or a bibliography will not be included in the word count.
Weighting: 50% Length: 2750 words


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