Aviation Strategy

Assignment Format

The assignment should be written on a business report style format, rather than following a typical academic essay format. I expect to find, above all, good strategic thinking and recommendations based on sound/logical business arguments as well as the contents delivered in the classes. I also expect to find evidence on the use of references or bibliography. Because this module is focused on management practices, I expect students to use tables, charts, diagrams and other visual elements to support their views and analyses, since this is common practice in all business environments.

Writing the Assignment
The assignment should follow a certain structure, containing, at least, five important parts:
1. Introduction
2. Objectives
3. Answering the Key Questions
4. Conclusions
5. References or Bibliography
Most professional business reports also include an executive summary at the very beginning highlighting the main points in the report. However, since this assignment is quite small (3,500 words), such part should be skipped. At the very end, if necessary, annexes can be added. Tables, diagrams, figures and charts should be combined with the main text when necessary. Do not forget to properly reference your sources.


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