‘Bad’, unethical or immoral business practices

We have all heard of ‘bad’, unethical or immoral business practices – both in Australia and overseas.

The FLOW video documentary outlines a number of business practices in relation to water which some would deem to be unethical or unacceptable.

Business Ethics provides some tools (moral frames) for explaining what makes certain business behaviors unethical, which can assist in ethical decision-making.

After viewing the FLOW video:

1.      Find a peer-reviewed journal article that meets the following conditions:

a.       It is based on one of the following moral frameworks (Kant, Utilitarianism and Human Rights) AND

b.      Is relevant to one of the ethical issues you identified in (A) AND

c.       The article should help you to deepen your understanding of the issues that could be deemed to be unethical and the possible moral frameworks to view / assess these issues.

2.      After viewing FLOW and using your chosen journal article, answer the following questions (word limit is between 650 to 800 words)

a.      By downloading this file,

b.      Filling (expanding) the provided spaces, including citations, as needed,

c.       Correctly naming the file (see in header) with student number, and


  1. Submitting by Week 6 the completed file through Turnitin and its originality reporting system.



PART A (5%)


  1. In your own words identify and briefly describe two major ethical issues from this film, and indicating why these issues are ‘major’ in your eyes. (50 – 100 words)


  1. Analyze ONE of your issues from THREE moral frameworks: Kant, Utilitarianism and Human Rights. Use the table below (expand as needed) to show your understanding of each framework: on what basis would each theory argue that this issue is unethical? How do the three frames differ in perspective? (350 – 400 words)




  1. Provide a full reference (citation) of your journal article, based on Academy of Management or Harvard


PART B (5%)


  1. Provide a summary of the main (key) arguments of your article (100 words), and


  1. By using ONLY one of the three stated moral frameworks discuss how the article has deepened your understanding of your other raised issue (i.e.: not covered in above activities to-date) (150 – 200 words)



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