Barriers of our own thinking

Describe your reaction to your experience of these biases.


I am for medical marijuana and support these dispensaries. From the research I did, I found that there are multiple ways of intake, not just smoking, which can include liquid, edibles and skin oils. In certain medical ailments, the marijuana can be used to increase appetite, decrease nausea and help someone deal with pain. While there is the chance of becoming addicted, if it is given and regulated as far as dosage, there is less of a chance of someone becoming addicted and it is an easier treatment to ween off of then harder drugs. The dispensaries absolutely should be government regulated and I do not believe that they are fronts for criminals. Pennsylvania, where I live, is working towards these so I am becoming familiar with their security regulations. The owners of a dispensary have to go through strict and stringent personal and business background checks to make sure criminals cannot open one or even work at one. They are making these dispensaries have burglar alarms, access control with only buzzing people in and extensive video surveillance that has to be saved for 4 years (at least 6 times the length of regulation for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Therefore, because the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks I do support this. As far as biases, it does surprise me that even though there is compelling evidence that marijuana for medical purposes can have great benefit, there are still many people opposed that just look at patients who want to use marijuana for medical purposes as a pot head. I see this as a great benefit not only to those patients but for the potential for additional income through taxation for local government, education etc as exemplified by the fact that in the first partial year that Colorado had dispensaries, just under $1 million in tax dollars was raised towards education, a sector that is in great need of more funding.

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