Basic Chemistry

Basic Chemistry

Question 1
Select the correct name for MnSO4
Manganese disulfate
Manganese (II) sulfate
Maganese (IV) sulfate
Manganese sulfate
3 points       Question 2
Solutions of sodium hypochlorite, NaClO are sold as bleach. They are prepared by the following reaction:
2NaOH + Cl2 –> NaCl + NaClO + H2O
If you have 2.32 mol of NaOH and 2.74 mol of Cl2 ga available to react answer the following questions
Na: 23.0 amu   Cl:35.5 amu   O: 16.0 amu
1 how many moles of NaClO can be produced from the sodium hydroxide
2 how many moles of NaClO can be produced from the chlorine gas
3 based on your findings for a and b, what is the maximum number of grams of sodium hypochlorite that can be produced from the moles of sodium hydroxide and chlorine gas provided?
Enter only the numerical answers. Round all answers to two decimals places
18 points       Question 3
A flask contains 25.0 mL of diethyl ether weighth 18.74 µg (micrograms). What is the density of the diethyl ether and grams per liter?
Please answer only a numberic number. If the number is less than zero start with 0.x not just .x
4 points       Question 4
balance the following equation, put your answers in the spaces provided
_____ Blank 1 Al + _____ Blank 2 Fe3O4 –>  _____ Blank 3 Al2O3 + _____ Blank 4 Fe
12 points       Question 5
In an experiment, 13g of methanol and 11 g of carbon monoxide were placed in a reaction vessel. Given the following reaction
C:12.0 amu   O:16.0 amu    H:1.0 amu
CH3OH + CO –> HC2H3O2
1 what is the theoretical yield of acetic acid and
2 if the actual yield of acetic acid is 19.1 g, what is the percent yield
Round both answers to one decimal place
14 points       Question 6
A mixture containing 11.9 g of calcium fluoride and 10.3 g of sulfuric acid is heated to drive off hydrogen fluorid. Given the following reaction what is the me maximum number of grams of hydrogen fluoride that can be obtied?
Ca: 40.0 amu  F: 19.0 amu  H: 1.0 amu  S 32.0 amu
CaF2 + H2SO4 –> 2HF + CaSO4
Round your final answer to one decimal place
9 points       Question 7
An organic compound consists of only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Through combustion analysis, 5.671g of water and 36.933g of carbon dioxide are formed from 17.422g of sample.
C:12.0 amu    O: 16.0 amu    H:1.0 amu
In the space provided please write the empirical formula and, if the compound has a molecular mass of 332.16 amu write the molecular formula?
20 points       Question 8
Bonus: Molarity
What is the final volume (in Liters) of a solution prepared by diluting 25 mL of 8.25 M sodium hydroxide to a concentration of 2.40 M?
Round your answer to 3 decimal places
10 points (Extra Credit)       Question 9
Select the correct name for MgF2
Magnesium diflouoride
Magnesium fluoride
Magnesim (II) fluoride
monomagnesium difluoride
3 points       Question 10
Aluminum metal reacts with iron (III) oxide to produce aluminum oxide and iron metal. Answers the following three questions
note: you will need to write a balanced equation to answer them
Al: 26.9 amu   Fe: 55.8 amu   O: 16 amu
1 How many moles of iron (III) oxide are required to react completely with 41 g of aluminum metal?
2 How many grams of aluminum metal are requred to produce 7.0 g of iron metal?
round answers to two decimal places
12 points       Question 11
Sulfur dioxide reacts with chlorine to produce thionyl chloride and dichlorine oxide
S: 32.0 amu   O: 16.0 amu  Cl: 35.45 amu
SO2 + 2Cl2 –> SOCl2 + Cl2O
If 0.400 moles of chlorine gas reacts excess sulfur dioxide, how many moles of dichlorine oxide are forme?
0.800 mol
0.400 mol
0.200 mol
0.100 mol

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