BAT Best Available Techniques

BAT Best Available Techniques
The writer should Include the following:
-What is BAT, Definition
-Guiding principles of BAT (Sustainable development, Waste hierarchy and waste form, Precautionary principle, proximity principle, proportionality and good practice (Section 4)
-How to identify BAT (section 5)
-Decision making on BAT (section 6)
All points mentioned above should be found from (BAT for the management of the generation and disposal of radioactive waste, which is attached)

– Write about Principles of optimisation, about the application of BAT ( should be found in the attachment)

-Write about REP’s (regulatory environmental principles) regulatory substances activities and has a number of principles about BAT which are worth noting (document called Radioactive substances Regulation- environmental Principles)

-Include sellafield nuclear site (history, size, operating facilities, amount of waste, decommissioned facilities)
-Effluent management at sellafield (Name the facilities and description of the process)


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