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In our day to day lives, we encounter many life situations that present a series of choices to decide on. Whether it’s on personal life or on social affairs, decision making is an integral part of life. It is very essential that every decision you make be most suitable and optimal to serve the situation at hand. Decisions impact greatly on leadership and the future success of big organizations, companies, businesses, and governments. The need to make informed decisions has led to the great development of data processing. This is the process of collecting, analyzing, classifying, interpreting, and evaluating data in order to deduce useful information that can influence decision making.

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Over the years, data keeps on accumulating and piling up. Note that proper data analytics would never overlook or assume any available data. Therefore, advanced techniques for data analysis that can effectively handle huge, diverse, and vast data have become apparent. The term “big data” has most recently become a top trend; you will find it all over every major growth and development projects. “Big data” is a term that clearlybrings out the fact that the volumes of data being dealt with are extremely enormous.

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