To practice the newspaper article. Imagine you are a fictional reporter interviewing you to find out a little about you for the school newspaper, University News. The article can be in the first person, but you will be referred to by name and as he or she, etc. The article should have a heading, a by-line by a narrator you invent, a picture (perhaps of a hobby, interest, goal, etc.) and should include the following info. The article should be no more than 250 words and fit on one piece of paper. Print out a copy for me before you go today. Be creative!!
• Name ( Savanah)
• Where you come from/grew up (Saudi Arabia)
• Major and why ( international business)
• Interests (sports, hobbies, music, reading, films, etc.) (mine is photographing)
• And what your goals are at this university


The University News

Not Just Another Face


Madeup Name

When I first met [your name here] I was surprised that she asked me if I wanted to climb the rock wall at the rec center while I interviewed her…..etc, etc…..


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