Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

This 9 page research paper is based on Psychology but I want it to be based on (Biology).* NOT Psychology*

Paper instructions for BIOLOGY:

-3 pages, 12 font, APA format
-Find some scientific Journals that have published research Articles

-Find some Articles that review that research or other research that others have done.

-Find some Scientific books and news and some critiques of them.

( I think he wants you to read some of both and compare and contrast their styles.)

( I want it to sound more like this… ) -Biological scientists conduct research to understand biological systems, develop new drugs, and work with genetic material. Many work for pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies; others perform their research in Federal or academic laboratories. Medical scientists research the causes of health problems and diseases, and then use this information to develop medical treatments and preventive measures.

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